Penta Wide III

Penta Wide III

Specification of PENTA WIDE III

Country of Origin: LED from LumiLEDs (USA) and assembled in Malaysia
Material: Polycarbonate casing
Product Weight: Approx. 8.6g (without cable)
Current: 700mA (Voltage output: Constant current)/td>
Color Temperature: 6500K / 2700K
Power Consumption: 1.96W per module
Lumen Value: 205 lumen
Peak Beam Angle: +/- 77 degress (154 degress)
Expected Life Span: 40,000hrs based on light intensity maintenance of 70% at 25C/td>
IP Rating: IP67
Dimension: W22.5 x L55.5 x H10.2mm

The Advantages of PENTA WIDE III

  • Beam angle 160 degrees (LED pitch is wider, up to 250mm).
  • Uniformity of Light Brightness (no dark Spot or shadow).
  • Even brightness (as voltage output is Constant Current).
  • Good colour impact.
  • Less quantity, cost saving.
  • Reduction of workman cost.
  • Suitable for backlight and indirect lighting such as ligh box & illuminated ceiling/wall.
Penta Wide III
Penta Wide III
Penta Wide III


  • Box size:500mm (lenght) x 500mm (width) x 100mm/120mm (depth)
  • LED pitch (distance) >> 250mm x 250mm
  • Quantity PENTA WIDE III:4pcs
  • Power supply: 1 unit
  • Lux (brightness) : 2,200 ~ 2,500 lux
  • Acrylic frosted 2mm size: 500mm (lenght) x 500mm (width)
Penta Wide III
Penta Wide III
Penta Wide III